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What to Consider Before Choosing Dumbells for Yourself

by Lila

Dumbells are a pair of free weights that can be used individually or in pairs. They are used to build strength in the upper body and also tone muscles. They are good for exercise routines that require more than one hand at a time to perform them correctly.

Dumbells come in many different sizes, ranging from 5 pounds up to 100 pounds and more. The weight of the dumbbell determines how much weight it can hold, the heavier the dumbbell, the more weight it can hold. Each dumbbell has its own weight range, for example if you have a 20 pound dumbell then it is only able to hold up to 20 pounds no matter what size it is.

But how do you know what dumbell to go for when you want them for your home exercises?

Here are some things you should consider before buying dumbells for yourself:


The first thing you should decide on is what weight you want your dumbbells to be. Most people start out with lighter weights before working their way up to heavier ones. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to buy lighter weights at first because they’re easier to use when learning the basics of lifting technique.

Size & Shape

Some people prefer a thinner handle while others like a thicker handle better because it feels more comfortable in their hands during use. Others like round heads while others prefer hexagonal heads because they feel more comfortable in their hands during use as well as look more attractive than round heads do when stacked up. So, ensure you get something that’s pleasing to you.


Adjustable Dumbells

If you’re just starting out or don’t want to spend a lot of money on dumbells then adjustable weights are the way to go. These work by using collars that slide onto the ends of the bar in order to change the weight. They come with multiple weight plates which can be added or removed in order to adjust their overall weight. The downside is that they can be difficult to use in some exercises and can limit your progress with certain lifts due to lack of detail when changing plates during an exercise.

Selectorized Dumbells

These are similar to adjustable weights but utilize pin locks instead of collars at each end of the bar so that it is more secure when changing weights during an exercise and therefore easier for those who have difficulty changing weights during a set but still want something easy enough.


Exercising at home can be difficult if you don’t invest in the right dumbells. In an ideal world everyone would be able to walk into their home, put their dumbbells down, do a few reps and that would be it. But life isn’t ideal and everyone has an array of commitments on a daily basis. That’s why it really helps to have the correct weight training equipment!

All in all, dumbells can be considered as one of the best workout equipment for health. It is more efficient than using a machine or some other equipment. So, measure up your needs wisely and get the best dumbell.

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