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Unique and amazing Features of Yamaha Motif xf8; Review

by Lila

Yamaha has just introduced the Montage as of this writing, and it is gaining popularity day by day. The Motif XF8 is still a fantastic workstation and is probably still offered at some merchants for rock-bottom pricing.

Because there are far too many functions of the Motif XF8 to cover in this review, I’ll concentrate on its live performance and MIDI control capabilities.

In this guide, you will get all the information about yamaha motif xf8 you need to know. So, keep reading if you are a Motif lover;

Let’s start with basic considerations;

What about the physical dimensions of Yamaha Motif xf8?

The Motif XF8 performs admirably as a live controller. It comes in a long-lasting, sturdy metal housing. For the main Stage, they can all be used as MIDI controllers. Additionally, 2 assignable buttons may be programmed on the surface.

The physical structure of this instrument makes it very attractive due to its specific and unique characters. Although the keybed action is firm and comfortable to play, keybed action is a personal preference, therefore we advise testing it out before making a decision.

What about Sounds of Yamaha Motif xf8?

You can use the pre-installed sounds right out of the box to complete the majority of straightforward worship settings. The sound of this incredible instrument is very fine.

It has the sound of an electric piano, piano, strings, and rocking pads. The onboard EQ and editor can be used to adjust them if you don’t like them.

Benefits of Yamaha Motif xf8

There are many advantages of Yamaha Motif, some are given below;

  • The Yamaha Motif XF8’s greatest advantage is that it makes the instrument sounds more expressive.
  • With the Yamaha Motif XF8, it has successfully made an 8-element-per-voice structure viable by utilizing the tone generator from its predecessor, Motif XS.
  • When paired with Yamaha’s enhanced articulation, the 8-piece voice structure creates high-quality audio.
  • Even the most seasoned keyboard player will like using it because of its beautiful user interface and simple keys.


There are many features of Yamaha Motif xf8;

Increased Memory

The Yamaha Motif XF8 has two USB ports that increase its memory. It can hold 2 GB of flash memory. Using this additional RAM, you can write as much music as you like.

Outstanding user Interface

The Yamaha Motif XF8’s superb user interface, which offers assignable knobs, and sliders, is another amazing feature.


The Yamaha Motif XF8 may connect to a computer through USB. This implies that by utilizing the Yamaha Motif XF8, you may easily upload or download, record, and alter your favorite sound or song.

Sequencer for Integrated Sampling

The built-in sampling sequencer on the Yamaha Motif XF8 is another intriguing feature. With the use of this tool, users may simply combine audio and MIDI data.


When used as a solo synth, the Motif will take some time to program your sounds and sets but, once you become accustomed to the interface, it can be rather quick to use. You can visit Alibaba, the best online retailer to get the best quality Yamaha Motif.

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