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Durable Slush Machines Only Available At Alibaba

by Lila

Alibaba, the full name being Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese multinational company that was founded in 1999. The company, over these years has earned a reputation for being a high quality manufacturer, Supplier, exporter and importer globally. It has made a name for itself by producing products that are high in quality, but at an affordable and competitive price. An international trade site specializing in all the products, it is no different with a slush machine. Producing Durable and high quality Slush Machines, the customers can rest assured that their products is a long-term investment.

What Are Slush Machines?

Slush Machines, also known by the name of smoothie Machines are countertop Machines or systems that produce beverages. The beverages being sugar-based or water-based, is produced by putting flavored mix in the machine. The liquid them freezes in the clear bowl. The production, on an average takes about 40 minutes. The number of bowls in the machine corresponds to the number of nozzles on the same. The hourly production of the machine depends on the number of bowls as well.

Types Of Slush Machines

1. For Juice

Juice slushies are the most common and the most loved. It was something that started a long time ago, became popular with the kids first and now, are equally popular among adults as well. As carbonated Drinks might taste a bit off, it is the best that the customers stick with fruit Juices.

2. For Alcohol

Slush Machines work well with alcohol as well. The machine might take a bit longer to create the slushies as the alcohol acts as a heat against the cold, so it will take longer to get to the slushy state to come around. But nevertheless, the machine will handle the process.

3. For Beer

Just like alcohol slushies, beer slushies are now a thing, with people experimenting and loving the results. A sour drink with a high alcohol and a high fruit content, these are on the way of becoming popular.

4. Reflux Stills

In simple words, a reflux still is a type of machine which is made to create a higher proof alcohol but with a more neutral taste than the usual. These are used to create alcohol that is purer than the ones made using pot stills.

Star Your Business With Slush Machines

1. Icy Drinks

Slush Machines can be used to make a wide variety of iced Drinks which can be carbonated or non-carbonated. With many flavors and Types to choose from, Icy Drinks have always been in fashion and always will be.

2. Frozen Cocktails

Frozen Cocktails, also known as Frozen alcoholic Drinks or Frozen slushies is another type of slushy that is made by adding alcohol. The ingredients, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are put and processed in a blender to bring in the slushy texture.

3. Fruit Juices

Fruit Juice slushies were amongst the first to he created and marketed. At first popular among kids, now they are equally popular among the adults as well. Even though carbonated Drinks can be used to make slushies, they might taste a bit off due to the processing. So the best option is to always stick with fruit Juices.

4. Teas

As weird as it may sound, tea slushies are a thing as well. Very much simple to make, these are amongst the easiest to prepare. Chilled sweet tea and Frozen sweet tea cubes are all that is required to make the super cool and super tasty tea Slush.

5. Coffees

Almost same in the method of preparation as tea Slush, coffee slushies are loved by a huge amount of people. A variety for coffee lovers, coffee slushies are sure to bring in a blast to the menu.

6. Cappuccinos

If you are someone who enjoys blended coffee drinks, then you will surely love Frozen Cappuccino Slush. A thick and creamy treat possessing all the qualities of a rich vanilla Cappuccino that you enjoy normally.

Choose The Right Slush Machines According To Your Need ?

Different types of Slush Machines are available based on the needs of the user. A commercial slush machine can be simply a blender system, or can be a double-sided refrigeration system. The models are applicable for different situations. A place where they need whipped up Frozen Drinks not often may only require a blender. At the same time if it is a store that sells a large quantity of slushy drinks, then they would need a high-capacity machine.


Choosing a slush machine would be hard for anyone if they are planning to start a new venture. But with Alibaba and its high quality products, this task is made easier for the customers. Providing only the best of the best, rest assured that the products bought will last for a long time, making them the best investment that can be made.

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